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Frequently Asked Questions

- Can Amoretti Brothers make custom products?

Yes, we can do it for special orders. Please write us with your ideas.

-How can I clean my copper cookware?

-Why do chefs use copper pots?

Copper has been used and cherished for around 9,000 years. Pots that are made of copper are ideal heat conductors; the material is durable, hygienic and corrosion-resistant. ... Thanks to the excellent heat conductivity properties, the heat spreads more evenly in copper cookware than in traditional pots and pans

- What is the difference between Amoretti Brothers cookware an any other copper cookware brand?

We curate every single details. Designed to last for generations, our product are 100% handmade with solid recycled copper. All Amoretti Brothers products are hand-crafted using only natural materials. Each handle and each knob is made with cast-bronze following authentic traditional techniques by skilled artisans. Even tin lining is done by hand.

- Are copper pans safe to cook with?

Copper is 100% safe to cook in, so long as it is lined with another material. Our cookware are lined with tin on the cooking surface so you can throw anything and everything into these pans; the metal lining will keep you—and your food—safe.

-Is cooking with copper pans healthy?

Copper pans are a great heat conductor and allow you to adjust temperatures precisely, making them nice cookware for sauces and other foods. 

-My copper cookware became dirty and need a re-tinning service after years of intense usage. How can I do?

If the cookware is just dirty, please follow our best practice to clean it.

If you need to re-tin your pan, we offer a full service SPA for your copper cookware.

Please email us with picture and product size and we will make your cookware shining and brand new!