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  • Copper Cookware Set of 11 Flower Lid
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  • Copper Cookware Set of 7 Flower Lid
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  • Copper Cookware Set of 11 w Standard Lid
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  • 19" Copper Paella Pan
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  • 4.4 qt Copper Sauce Pan with Flower Lid
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  • 12.5" Copper Frying Pan
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  • Lola Copper Bathroom Sink
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  • 5.5" Cocotte with Engraved Leaves
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  • 9" Copper Colander with Brass Handles
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  • 10 qt Copper Stock Pot Flower Lid
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The benefits of using Amoretti Brothers copper cookware

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Amoretti Brothers Copper Cookware Hand-engraved luxury design for the kitchen

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Every single part of our products is handmade using only solid, natural materials:  copper, cast-bronze, and a double layer of pure tin on the cooking surface to guarantee the best quality, the longest durability and protect the environment at the same time.  A great product for gourmet chefs and an investment that lasts for generations.

Hammered Copper Paella Pan
Hammered Luxury Copper Cookware

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Handcrafted copper, brass products to decor your living room, kitchen & bathroom

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Hammered copper Lola bathroom sink

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