Serving Tray

For normal people, the copper serving tray can only be used for serving drinks. But, for the ones who have a creative eye, not only a hammered copper serving tray but any copper tray can be used to beautify the house even more. The copper serving tray is not just a vessel like other kitchen utensils but can be a beneficial addition to your home décor. 

This Antibacterial Hand Hammered Copper with a tin-lined Serving Tray has an attractive diamond pattern around the copper body. It is antibacterial meaning it has permanent protection against harmful bacteria, fungi, and mold. 

The use of this type of pure materials in its composition, such as copper, has become a necessity to do more to tackle disease-causing bacteria and viruses. We can now confirm that Biomaster is active against SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. 

A utensil is created not only to present a dish, but it also can cook food, and thanks to its tin coating, food that could be acidified in a common pan, will retain its original flavor in it. 

Created in recycled copper, and a double layer of tin, by the hands of artisans of origin, people who, with traditional tools and high technology, create a fusion between tradition and the quality of current tools. Mexico and Italy come together to develop high-value pieces for gourmet and collector's cuisine, signature cuisine, and culinary exhibitions. 

Amoretti Brothers is a house of coppersmiths with Italian influence that has more than 15 years of experience, we specialized in working copper and brass. In 2006, we established Amoretti Brothers. Starting with only few products and big dreams, Amoretti Brothers has grown to have a factory where we manufacture high-end copper kitchen tools, custom range hoods, and finely crafted.

Beautiful handmade copper tray with tin lining on the cooking surface. Practical and large handles made in copper complete this unique piece.