Amoretti Brothers hand-hammered copper saucepan Italian collection. Completely hand forged and 100% tin lined by our master coppersmiths. The lateral handles are cast-bronze and polished and the "Amoretti Flower" on the lid completes a real work of art. Made with 2mm hand-hammered copper, We have 8 Italian designs that evoke the Italian design of the early Renaissance, a functional piece of art, which allows gourmet food lovers and chefs to experience to taste, touch, and sight are also delighted.

We have 4 sizes per model that cover the needs of the gourmet kitchen, From 4.7 Inch, 2.8 Qt, 4.4 Qt to 8.6 Qt, As part of our signature line “Flower” line, this copper sauce pan includes a lid topped with a flower handle. Exquisite details of the flower handle add an air of elegance to an already stunning piece of copper cookware. Our products are preferred by "Connoisseurs of gourmet cuisine" "Excellent gifts for gourmet lovers" "Specialized Chefs" "Home Decor" "Specialized Food Exhibitions" "Specialty Restaurants"