Casserole / Rondeau

Beautiful Amoretti Brothers Copper Rondeau or Casserole, with Lid. 2 mm hand-hammered copper with Tin Lining on the cooking surface, Cast-bronze signature lid, made by expert hands of the best Mexican coppersmith, with recycled copper
with a very high added value to the piece preferred by "Excellent gifts for gourmet lovers" "Specialized Chefs" "Home Decor" Specialized Food Exhibitions" "Specialty Restaurants"

Our Products are made under very strict quality standards that allow us to obtain pieces of art made on designs that preserve characteristics of the first appearances in the luxurious villas of the Italian Renaissance, which was also called the king of the pans and today it’s recognized as an exclusive connoisseurs instrument,our products have been acquired by collectors and interior decorators taking into account the investment value they have in the future.