Amoretti Custom Range Hoods

Amoretti Custom Range Hoods


At Copper kitchen, we have the best products for sophisticated and elegant kitchens, for all those who have a more elaborate taste in culinary art, for those who consider the kitchen to be a very special place, and who invest time and money in creating a space that is part of the most precious places in the home. Our products are also part of renowned exhibitions of art, design, and culinary art pieces.

With passion and love, Amoretti Brothers kitchen range hoods are handmade using noble metals: copper, brass, and stainless steel to fit perfectly with your taste and needs. All our products can be made in any possible dimension, even very big, and they are offered in different finishes. Our custom range hoods are available with the most advanced professional ventilation systems by ELICA for both efficiency and style.

"We believe in sustainable luxury which is why we design our products for long-term durability that saves money and helps the environment."

Elica Ventilation System Finishes


We manufacture each one by order. Our hoods could be customized with many designs and finish options. Whether ceiling or built-in, classic or modern, the kitchen hood is an indispensable appliance and needs to be chosen with care, bearing in mind factors like quality, design, functionality, ease of installation, and practicality.


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