Roasting Pan

Amoretti Brothers hammered copper roasting pan. Tin lined on the cooking surface. Copper or cast-bronze handles. Fantastic items to roast your perfect gourmet preparation and to beautifully serve it on the table. This piece is made with copper recycled, and his coppersmiths are one of the best on the all Mexican country, these people have an ancestral copper tradition, which has allowed us to emulate the craftsmanship of the early Italian Renaissance, with an interesting fusion touch.

For perfect use, the thickness of our products can vary between 1.5 for a frying pan up to 2-3mm for a large casserole or special pieces. The tin lining is performed manually by using the traditional flame/blotter method. We guarantee a perfect lining, extremely durable, and lacking in impurities.

Tin is 100% pure. Our products are preferred by "Connoisseurs of gourmet cuisine" "Excellent gifts for gourmet lovers" "Specialized Chefs" "Home Decor" "Specialized Food Exhibitions" "Specialty Restaurants"