The strainer was invented at the fall of the Western Roman Empire, in Constantinople later it passed to Venice with the decline of Constantinople it spread through Italy, and from there it passed to all of Europe and arrived in America with the conquerors. Today it is an indispensable tool in any kitchen. 

The kitchen strainer is a tool created in the Late Middle Ages, the 12th and 15th centuries, marked by the development of cities, the expansion of trade, and the irruption of the bourgeoisie. 

The Amoretti Brothers’ handmade food colander or strainer can have multiple uses, pasta, legumes, rice, and also as a masher. A utensil that you can use in multiple ways to create gourmet cuisine, chefs and lovers of good food, can make purees from vegetables such as potatoes, tomato sauce, fruits, etc. 

Made in solid recycled copper and tin lined on the inside surface, it is hand-hammered with dots on the exterior and it has a couple of beautiful functional bronze handles to complete the unique design. The best of the show.