Kitchen Tools Set

In the Middle Ages, it was cooked over an open fire and the tools used were (made of clay, iron, or bronze) they used to be pots, pans, and cauldrons. To prepare food there was a range of knives, spoons, skewers, and scissors. The bellows and the mortar were common in kitchens, as well as different kinds of hooks and portable trivets. 

In the Renaissance, the range was widened a little more and it was easy to find scales, tongs, roasting forks, sieves, or metal grids for grilling. 

The Industrial Revolution of the 18th century allowed the improvement of existing materials and thus increased the quality of the utensils. Improvements in transportation (which made it possible, for example, for fresh fish to be found in inland cities), the growth of the middle class, and a representative increase in gastronomic culture, led to the appearance of novel kitchens utensils. 

In the 19th century, the variety of materials increased and we found everything from copper or wrought iron pots to pots made of some other materials. 

The love for cooking well done never ceased to be a tradition that passed from generation to generation, as a true legacy and utensils of very high value have continued to be manufactured, such as utensils made by hand, preserving the techniques that shaped the pieces. of a high degree of purity. 

Two beautiful Sets for Gourmet Chefs or gourmet food lovers, One with 3 traditional pieces of solid copper kitchen tools completely handmade: spatula, ladle, and strainer in an Amoretti Brothers signature box. A great gift for the gourmet chef and other 4 pieces of serving tools set handmade with solid, hammered copper. Ladle, Spatula, Fork, and Spoon