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About Us

CopperKitchen is the exclusive online shop of handmade copper cookware, specialty tools, utensils and kitchen decors founded by Amoretti Brothers in New York. Made for chefs & enthusiasts, here you can find the best copper cookware we can offer for your culinary experience.

Since 2006 Amoretti Brothers are producers of remarkable copper cookware, home decors and fixture renowned for its magnificent products that stunningly combine a blend of centuries-old Mexican craftsmanship and modern Italian nuances, this brand promotes the native artistry and artisans that breathe life into their own products. 

We believe that the real form of beauty does not reside in ostentation, but in a cultural belief in preservation: space, nature, beauty and the constant search for ethics that guarantee the well being of individuals and society itself. 

PURE: simple and genuine designs inspired by nature. 

NATURAL: all the materials and the process involved in the making of 

our products are environmentally friendly. 

HANDMADE: all our pieces are handmade and completely original. 

VALUABLE: our items are made from carefully selected, high-quality materials 

like copper, silver and high-temperature ceramics. They are unique 

and each of them proudly represents the wisdom and know-how of 

the artisans who give them shape and form. 


 Factory - Tlalpujahua, Michoacan, Mexico
U.S. Office - 845 Third Ave #600, New York, New York 10022 USA








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