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Amoretti Brothers Copper Cookware - a Work of Art

Amoretti Brothers copper pots and pans are handcrafted by master coppersmiths with 2mm of hammered, recycled copper. Each cooking vessel is lined with a double layer of 100% pure tin on the cooking surface for the best durability. Each handle and knob is individually made in cast-bronze. All our products are packed in a beautiful and natural signature wooden box.

All Amoretti Brothers copper cookware and kitchen tools are manufactured to be beautiful, sustainable, and investment for generations at the same time. A Real Work of Art. READ MORE HERE

Copper Kitchen Store
Copper kitchen utensils for the gourmet chef. Luxury copper speciality tools and accessories
Copper Kitchen Store
Copper Kitchen Store


The Story

Design and craftsmanship are intimately related. Since 2006 we create metal products with authentic passion and love. A real work of art. Discover how we do it.
handcrafted pots and pans copper kitchen store

Sustainable Luxury


Ethical sustainable cookware, crafted using “the art of metal transformation”, is unlike most. We use only recycled materials and the best business practices.
sustainable luxury copper kitchen store

Special order


If you would like to create the perfect gift or have an exclusive copper item for your kitchen, we can make it for you. Contact us and we will help you.
custom order copper kitchen store

Copper & Brass Kitchen Fixtures

Shop our handmade farmhouse copper kitchen sinks and custom brass range hoods . We also offer Amoretti Brothers pot racks and freestanding copper bathtubs.

If you are a professional ask for our TRADE PROGRAM.

Hammered copper farmhouse sinks for the kitchen and bathroom. Amoretti Brothers design.
Custom Brass and Copper Range Hoods by Amoretti Brothers for Luxury Kitchen Decors and Inspirations
Copper Kitchen Store

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